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Who we are
"Solvex-Mira-Frukt", AD ("SMF" AD) is a privately owned company engaged in the production and sale of canned fruits and vegetables. Founded in 1992, the company has quickly grown to become one of the leading producers of canned fruits and vegetables in Bulgaria. Today, SMF AD employs about 40 full-time and 200 seasonal workers and has production capacity of over 3500 tons per year. It produces over 60 different kinds of assorted fruits and vegetables under the "MIRA" or Buyer's brandname.

Our clients
Thanks to the high quality of its products and the experience and reliability of its management team, the firm has enjoyed a tremendous success abroad. Currently, 95% of the company's production is exported on the basis of beneficial partnerships in the USA, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, Kazachstan, UK etc..

Our dedication to the highest standards
From its very foundation Solvex-Mira-Frukt AD has acted on the belief that consistent quality assures success. The firm has developed long-term relationships with the neighboring fruit and vegetable production cooperatives and farmers thus ensuring the regular supply of high quality raw materials. To fully satisfy our partners and customers we register our products with internationally recognized quality control systems (ISO 22000, GOST, HACCP, FDA, etc.). Developing an average of four new recipes each year, as part of our winning business strategy, we are fully aware of the need for continuous investment in modern processing equipment.

Our staff
The company's investment strategy is also geared towards a constant development of the knowledge and skills of its people. The firm's management has been exposed to market economy practices and global quality requirements for more than two decades. Its broad international exposure in sales and production has proved an invaluable asset.

Solvex-Mira-Frukt AD in the future
Solvex-Mira-Frukt hopes to continue to satisfy the most demanding taste for delicious and healthy food by providing its customers with a wide variety of best quality processed fruits and vegetables. Besides its traditional participation in renowned trade shows around the world, SMF AD has also begun to participate in different e-commodity exchanges and shops.
We hope to be at your table soon.

Deliciously Yours,
"Solvex MIRA Frukt" AD